My Vehicles
Please DON'T Drink and Drive
2/14/70: results of drunk dirver hitting me ('68 Ford)
'92 Harley-Davidson Eltraglide Sport (FLHS)
On vaction in NY - rode from Milledgeville, GA (6/94)
Vacation (6/94) at my Dad's house in Ilion, NY
Ready for X-mas Toy Run (12/93) (Milledgeville, Georgia)
'95 Harley-Davidson Road King (FLHR)
Delivery day (10/98)
10/98 (first ride after delivery)
My cousin Lydia & me - the next generation of family biker  ;-)
Road King on Razor trailer
(hand-made by Gary Farmer in
Dahlonega, GA - I had the 1st one in NY)
behind my 2000 Subaru Forester
Vacation - July '02
Cocoa Beach, Flordia: visiting daughters Melissa & Jessica
Yep!  Lydia bought her own bike.
It's not a Harley but I let her ride with me anyway.
It's the ridin' that counts
Before paint job in '98
After paint job in '98
My Other "Baby" - 1964 Chevrolet Pickup
My other
CURRENT Quad-Wheeler
2003 Subaru Forester
Subie #2: picked up 10/1/02