My Next Adventure
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Another view of the front
Room for 2 - bikes that is - smile...
Lift ramp makes loading easy
Four Winds FunMover Recreational Vehicle
[Click here to go to Four Winds site]
Then click on the Fun Mover link to the left
to see all the features, specs, etc.
[That is, if you're interested - smile!]
Inside looking to the front.
Looking towards the rear - the door leads to my Harley - smile!
This will be, if (as Tennessee Ernie Ford used to say) the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise,
my new home in about 5 years.

I've always said that when I finally retired I wanted to continute the adventure that 22 years in
the Navy started.  I knew that I would travel, but never gave much thought as to HOW I would
do the traveling, other than knowing I'd have my Harley with me.

Then one day I was reading my latest copy of
Reader's Digest and was ripping out those
stupid "cardboard" advertisements that are in all the magazines these days (I hate them - they
just keep ya from properly turning the pages - arrrgh!).  Normally I throw them away 'cause I
just find them a nuisance.  For some reason I set one aside.  Later that evening I spotted it and
picked it up.  It was for - a site about recreational vehicles.  I'd never really paid
much attention to RV's, but for some reason (fate:? Hmmmm) I went online and checked out
the site.  One link led to another and another and...until - to make a long story short - I found

There "it" was - everything I'd ever need to do the traveling I've always planned on doing:  the
transportation, the lodging, AND a means of bringing my Harley with me - not on a trailer as I'd
always figured, but inside, out of the weather and away from prying (and potentially larcenous)
eyes!!  Needless to say (but I'm saying it anyway - smile) I was now "hooked" on the idea of
becoming a full-time RV'er!!

Since then I've been reading and surfin' the net finding out all I can about the world of RV'ing.  
I've included some links below to some of the cool sites I've found particularly interesting - just
in case someone else "out there" thinks it might be something they'd like to check out.
RV links

The link that started it all for me:
Go RVing

Barb & Ron Hofmeister have been
full-time RVers for years and their site
is full of other links:
RMovin' On

Some other RVers web sites:

Libby & John Veach
Rolling Home

Diane & Rich Emond
Roaming America

Larry & Connie Farquhar
The Happy-Wanderers