Hospital Corpsman
A young, "long-haired,"

Marine-hatin' Sailor,

with certain medical skills,

who will go through

the very gates of


to get to a wounded

HM2 Chris Pyle wrote the following letter home before assignment with the 1st
Marine Division in Vietnam.

Many people have died to save another.  The Navy Corpsman has had more honors
bestowed on him than any other group.  My life has but one meaning, to save or help
someone.  Soon I will be going over to Vietnam.  I have my fears and beliefs, but they
lay hidden under my emotions.  That's why God has made me so.  Someday I will see
before me a wounded Marine.  I will think of all kinds of things, but my training has
prepared my for this moment.  I really doubt if I will be a hero, but to that Marine I
will be God.  I am hoping that no one will die while I am helping him; if so, some of
myself will die with him.  Love for fellow man is great in my book.  It's true they
make me mad at times but no matter who it is, if he's wounded in the middle of a rice
paddy, you can bet your bottom dollar that whatever God gave me for power, I will
try until my life is taken to help save him, and any other.

Five months later, on 28 May 1969, HM2 Pyle was killed in action.