Chief's Creed
During the course of this day you have been caused to suffer indignities and to experience humiliation. This you have
accomplished with rare good grace, and, therefore, we now believe it fitting to explain to you why this was done. There
was no intent nor desire to insult you or to degrade you. Pointless as it may have seemed to you, there was a valid
and time-honored reason behind every single deed and pointed barb.
By experience, performance, and testing you have this date advanced to Chief Petty Officer.   In the United States
Navy and
only in the United States Navy an E7 carries unique responsibilities. No other armed force throughout the
world carries responsibilities nor grants the privileges to its enlisted personnel comparable to the privileges and
responsibilities you are now bound to observe and are expected to fulfill.
Your entire way of life has now been changed and henceforth more will be expected and demanded of you. Not
because you are an E7, but because you are a
Chief Petty Officer. You have not merely been promoted one pay
grade - you have joined an exclusive fraternity and, as in all fraternities you have a special responsibility to your
brothers, even as they have a special responsibility to you.
Always bear in mind that no other armed force has a rate or rank equivalent to that of the United States Navy. Granted
that all armed forces have two classes of service, enlisted and commissioned; however, the United States Navy has
the distinction of having four: enlisted, Congressional appointed
CPO, Bureau appointed Warrant, and commissioned
officer. This is why we in the United States Navy may maintain with pride our feeling of superiority once we have
attained the position of
Chief Petty Officer.
These privileges and responsibilities do not appear in print and they have no official standing which can be referred to
by number, name or file. They exist because for over 200 years
Chief Petty Officers before you have freely
accepted this responsibility beyond the call of printed assignments. Their actions and performance to duty demanded
the respect of their juniors as well as their seniors.
It is now required that you be a fountain of wisdom; the ambassador of good will; a counselor of personnel relations;
and an authority in the technical application of your rate. "
Ask the Chief," is a household word in and out of the Navy,
and now,
you are the "Chief".
The exalted position you have now achieved, and we use the word "exalted" advisedly, exists because of the attitude
and performance of the
Chiefs before you. It shall exist only as long as you and your compatriots maintain these high
So this is why you were caused to experience these ordeals today. You were subjected to humiliation to prove to you
that humility is good for you and is necessary in order that you will be better able to endure the trials and tribulations
that will be confronting you in the future. As a
Chief Petty Officer you will be caused to suffer indignities and to
experience humiliation far beyond those imposed upon you today. Bear them with the same dignity and good grace
with which you have borne these today.
It was our intention to test you; to try you, and to accept you. Your performance has assured as that you will wear your
hat with the aplomb that your brothers-in-arms have before you. We further intended to make this memorable day one
that you would never forget.
We take deep and sincere pleasure in clasping your hand and accepting you into our midst.
                Judge                                                                    President, CPO Association                                     Command Master Chief
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